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The best stuff is brewing in Munich

Membership in Munich Beer Experience and Museum association

As a member in our association you demonstrate your support for our goals and connect in a positive way with Bavarian and Munich tradition.

We depend on donations and enthusiastic friends of Munich to positively shape the future of "Bierstadt München" (Munich: city of beer - an official tagline). 


Membership benefits

As a member you get first-hand access to key information on Munich's most worthwhile attractions and insights to some "best kept secrets, only insiders know about". These information will take your next visit to Munich on a new level of experience and fun. This includes season specific attractions, local festivities and spots that locals love! Your membership will soon pay-off, because our insights are not written in travel guides or visitors websites...

Although you may not be able to participate in person in our regular member meetings in Munich, we will keep you updated in our newsletter and internal team alignment. 

We depend on you to make a difference! Let's join forces!

We highly appreciate your efforts, consideration and time.

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