Munich Beer Experience and Museum

The best stuff is brewing in Munich

Our goal

We share one common goal: To create a home for Munich's Beer. 

A home which unites history, fun, tradition as well as cultural and culinary discoveries.

Munich's Beer is famous all around the globe. Even a New Zealand brewery is marketing its "Munich-style lager" made of Premium Munich Malt". What makes Munich's Beer so unique? One of the reasons is that Munich lifestlyes are based in century old traditions around beer brewing, beer trade and beer festivities. 

Hence it is more than surprising that one key thing is missing in Munich: A centre, meeting place and one-stop information hub on Munich Beer, its history, stories and tastes.

Who today seeks...

  • join an entertaining and insightful experience around Munich's 700 year history of beer making
  • taste from the diversity of Munich beer styles - independent of a single brewery
  • catch a glimpse of the Octoberfest, Starkbierzeit or beergardens out of the season

will easily go empty-handed! 




So why another museum in Munich? Just because we strive for more than a boring museum, but an "experience and entertainment world" full of attractions, memorable insights and world-class technology. We aim to entertain and inform tourists as well as locals with ever changing cultural and culinary attractions around Munich's Beer. Museums, theme worlds and "modern experiences" are places to remember and cherish local pride and tradition. After the recent openings of the BMW Welt and FC Bayern Welt, the Munich Beer World should be next!

Today, the fan of Munich's Beer has no premier place to visit - besides countless bars and restaurants Bavarian style...



In Dublin, the Guines Storehouse has turned into the most visited attraction in Ireland. The Storehouse unites exhibits which amaze, brewing experiences which impress, modern illustrations which tell compelling historic stories and a place to taste the beer which offers Dublin's premier viewpoint across the city. 

The goal of our association: Planning and building a home for Munich's Beer History and Experience!