Munich Beer Experience and Museum

The best stuff is brewing in Munich

MBEM teamspirit and members

Munich's Beer Experience and Museum association hosts members unite diverse backgrounds, skills and professions from many different countries. The age of members spans from Japan to Canada and from ages 18 to 88 years. All share a fascination for Munich and a winning spirit to make things happen. 


Chairpersons of MBEM e.V. 

Alexander K. Ammer

Alexander K. Ammer, born 1968, is passionate about Munich and leverages his cosmopolitan, creative and cultural experiences for the benefit of his hometown.

Alexander graduated from Munich's University for Television and Film and received e.g. Munich's Film Award. Since 1998 he coaches leading corporations as a Management Consultant on fit for future strategies. He serves as expert for digital transformation and change management and advises corporate leaders and public institutions in Germany and Switzerland.                                  

For a top tier consulting company Alexander created and set-up a multilingual offshore consulting team in India which serves 15 countries worldwide. He holds a Master of Arts degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

Since 2016 Alexander is an accredited "Biersommelier" of the Doemens Beer Academy.
His goal is to put Munich in the global champions league of beer experiences.


Veit Klipphahn PhD.


Veit Klipphahn decided on Munich as his hometown 35 years ago. As a "Zua'groasta" (Bavarian for an outsider moving to Munich) he feels special ties to Munich and its beautiful natural setting - even more so due to his many travels around the globe as a consultant for a leading IT consultancy or as a curious traveller.


He holds a PhD in business administration from Munich's Ludwig-Maximilians University and currently serves as an international project lead for a Munich based, global corporation. Mountain and endurance sports are his passion, therefore, Veit works with the experience that only the combination of enthusiasm, motivation for performance, and persistence can lead seemingly impossible projects to success.

His goal is to make his contribution to foster Munich's exceptional position as an attractive world-city with lively and diverse offerings for anyone.